Complaint letter to burger king

Items you will need Notebook or paper Writing utensil Determine who should receive your complaint.

Complaint letter to burger king

I have never been in a dirtier place and had the worse service ever. I had to clean the sitting area we sat in because there was mud all over the cushions, I ordered a sausage biscuit and coffee.

When I saw the biscuit it was burned and crumbled all apart. So I returned it and got another, same thing, I threw it in the garbage. I watched a couple and their daughter wait over half an hour for their food, said they would never come back.

The place is so poorly managed and dirty I will use the coupon I got for filling out the survey at our other store on 10th Ave. South, Great Falls, MT. I have always liked Burger King and use to go there all the time because it is close to where I live, not anymore.

I just wanted your corporate to knowit is a shame. Also the help was in a daze, it seemed like, but then again they were so short of help I could see why.


They have no lobby person and I know that is the reason for the filth but the workers could at least clean the tables and places to sit. Thank you, Bonnie Johnson I appreciated the fact that they were open on Thanksgiving, but will not go there again till things change Luke from Nashville, TN Nov 21, 20 Rude girl at the drive thru window scowled when I asked to add an additional nugget before paying.

And then rolled her eyes instead of saying thanks or have a good night. No good reason to act like that. My visit to the Fairfield Iowa location tonight will be my last visit there. She bluntly stated that my order did not contain chicken nuggets or a salad so if I wanted ranch I would be required to pay for it.

You might want to consider adding to your slogan because it it inaccurate. It would be better stated as "Have it your way, but only if it's ordered with nuggets or salads".

I pointed this aparent mistake to the register attendant and she said she did not know how to reverse the transaction. Two days ago I returned to the same store and tried to get the matted sorted out. This would have been in the early afternoon. The cashier told me she couldn't help but would get her manager.

Even though the store was not busy at the time I stil had to wait for about 10 minurts for this person to come out to the coumter.

After explaining the situation and showing her the resent visa statement containing the over charge she said ther was nothing she could do about it but that she would refer the matter to either "Jen or Mike" and one of the two of them would get back to em. I left my name and number with her but have heard nothing further.

Although the amount in dispute is negligible, I find the situation highly irritatable. The experience rates negative stars. Then my wife ordered a frozen coke which was a quarter filled, she said the machine was broken.

My wife paid for the double king with grilled onions and when she took a bite she brought back to Ariel complaining that it only had 2 slivers of grilled onions and looked nothing like the photo they advertised on the board.

She just shrugged her shoulders like there was nothing she could do. I got to tell you, there's too many fast food joints to waste my time. Went through the drive-thru. Get about 2 minutes down the road reaching bag to grab a fry The two Whoppers were cold and the cheese was not melted at all.

Complaint letter to burger king

One was supposed to have onions lettuce mayonnaise only it had ketchup and mustard on it also Fries tasted like they had been sitting there for ever Chicken sandwiches had dry buns I ask for light ice in the drinks and they were full of ice I also ordered a large onion ring and got for onion rings.

I didn't have time to turn around and go back because I was expected to be somewhere at a certain time So we had to heat everything up and then that made it taste even worse.Complete a short survey about your recent BK experience® for a FREE WHOPPER® Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich or CROISSAN'WICH® Sandwich on your next visit!

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. The company began in as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. Aug 24,  · I find writing a letter is better, and they tend to send you free stuff in the mail like coupons Burger King Consumer Affairs Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, Florida Status: Resolved.

A COMPLAINT REGARDING THE BURGER KING AD CAMPAIGN I am appealing for an immediate physical removal of a print advertisement by Burger King which is being advertised for an in store promotion at three outlets of Burger King at Fuengirola in Spain. May 23,  · Burger King is expected to air a "revised" and "more positive" commercial -- one that presumably leaves viewers feeling better about the work ethic of their letter carriers.

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